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Main office: 54 Cuza-Voda Street, Constanta, Romania
Tel/fax: 00 40 241 66 07 50    Mobile: 00 40 744 85 17 38
Email: office@pandi.ro    www.pandi.ro

Maritime claim handling and assistance

We provide assistance on request on a case-by-case basis to the major P&I clubs and insurance companies. We select and appoint surveyors on behalf of the principals and attend meetings, corresponding with the opponents and appointing lawyers when needed.

Hull and machinery damage survey

  • survey on vessels involved in accidents such as stranding, collisions or sinking
  • determining the extent of damage to a vessel’s hull and engine
  • investigating the cause of the accident and estimating cost of repairs
  • representation of P&I club/owners and/or insurance companies before Romanian Port Authorities

Stowage survey, pre-loading condition, survey/pre-discharging cargo condition survey/tally, weighing/volume measurement

  • steel pre-shipment survey
  • advising the master in proper clausing of bills of lading
  • pre- discharging cargo condition survey
  • advising P&I club/owners regarding condition of the cargo
  • volume measurement of loaded/discharged cargo
  • hatch survey

Inspection of liquid cargo

  • determining the quantity of cargo in shore tanks/on board the vessel by gauging temperature and specific gravity
  • sampling of cargo in shore tanks/on board the vessel


  • advising P&I club/owners of measures to be taken in Romanian ports to avoid stowaways getting on board
  • representing P&I club/owners before Romanian authorities in the matter of stowaways
  • appointing lawyers on behalf of P&I club/owners and/or insurance companies


  • advising P&I clubs/owners when an injury takes place on board a vessel
  • assisting the master in taking declarations
  • representing P&I clubs/owners before Romanian authorities/injured person
  • attending the medical examination of the injured person/recommending necessary medical care
  • appointing lawyers on behalf of the P&I clubs/owners and/or insurance companies

Condition survey of the vessel

Pre-entry condition survey of the vessel in accordance with the instructions received from the P&I club and insurance company.

Pollution cases

  • attending the site of pollution, interviewing the crew, taking samples
  • representing P&I clubs/owners before Romanian authorities
  • appointing lawyers on behalf of the P&I clubs/owners

Cargo damage survey

  • survey of damaged cargo
  • determining the extent of the damage to cargo, proposing measures to mitigate the losses
  • investigating the cause of the incident, estimating losses, representing P&I clubs/owners before the claimants
  • appointing lawyers on behalf of the P&I clubs/owners

Agricultural products survey

  • pre-loading survey of all types of grain, vegetable oil, sugar, coffee, cocoa, fruits, vegetables and cotton
  • inspection of the cargo at pre-shipment, loading and discharging. Inspection of the cargo in silos and/or warehouses

Bulk cargo survey

  • determine the condition, cleanliness and suitability of the vessel
  • determine the condition and suitability of the terminal designated to load or discharge the cargo
  • draft survey
  • determine the condition of the cargo when loaded/discharged
  • advising the master of proper clausing of the bill of lading

Containers and contents

  • visual examination/smoke test of containers
  • determine the adequacy of containers for carriage of the intended cargo
  • counting of cargo prior to loading into container; determination of cargo condition
  • cargo damage/determine the nature, cause and extent of damage/silver nitrate tests
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